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(For Schools & Colleges)

Database Management System (For Schools & Colleges)Has Been Designed To Fulfill The Needs
Of Almost ALL Types Of Academic Systems, We kept into account Of The Data Formats Of All Colleges throughout The Country. Some Specialties are given as follows:

Here is a very small introduction of the functions including in this software…

Students Data Management:

Admission/Registration  , ID Cards, Time Tables, Reports Sorted By Study Status, Reports Sorted By Admitted To Class wise Or Current Class wise, Admissions Withdrawal Register, Admissions Progress Reports,
All Types Certificates, SLCs Issued Reports, Phone Directory, Printing Addresses For Envelops, Events Management Information Through SMS / Email, Complete Attendance System, Daily Attendance Entry And Reports, Attendance Yearly, Monthly And Date wise Reports, Attendance Analysis Class wise And Students wise, Character Certificates, Birth Certificates, School Leaving Certificates, Admission Thanking Certificates, Complaint Letters, Complaints Letters Reports, Hundreds of Functions included within Each Layout, Complete Examinations System, Examination Entry and Reports, Board Submitting Format of Results, ONE-EXAM for Many Analysis, Students wise and Class wise Results and analysis, Roll no. slips, award lists, Exam hall Seating plans, DMCs  Print outs etc.

Very special and Unique Functions have been induced I.e. Printing, Sorting
and Analysis techniques.

        Staff Data Management:

Staff Registration, ID Cards, Time Tables, Reports Sorted by Job Status, Staff Statement with Salary, Very special and
Unique Functions have been induced I.e. Printing, Sorting and Analysis techniques.

Finance Data Management:

All Types Of Finance Entry Have Been Enabled I.E. Bank Account Entry And Bankbook Report, Cash Entry And Reports, Fees Receipts Management And Fees Reports, School wise And College Wise Separate Fees Entry And Separate Reports, Yearly, Monthly And Date wise Ledger Analysis Tools, All Types Of Finance Reports For Analysis And Planning Purposes, Hundreds Of Functions You Will Find Useful.

Very special and Unique Functions have been induced I.e. Printing, Sorting and Analysis techniques.

Administration Data Management:

All Other Facilities Like: Stock Register, Stock Register Reports and Search,
Fees Register, Reports And Search, Laboratory Register, Laboratory Register Reports And Search, Library Register, Subject Wise Reports, Issue Books To Students And Teachers, Return Of Books, Unique Sorting, Printing And Reports Of These Registers And Reports.

Notice Letters And Complaints Letters  To Students Or Staff, Report Of Issued Complaint/ Notice Letters…

I Hope I wish That It Will Be More Than Useful for All Schools and Colleges

Thanking and Acknowledgements:

In The Last and Not In the Least, Thanks from the Deepest Of My Heart to ALL My Sincere Colleagues, Friends, Well-Wishers, Heads of Colleges, Who Have Supported and Granted With Precious Opinions From Time To Time.

Special Features of the  1-CLICK® Database:

Artificial intelligence has been induced; Error detectors have been enabled to prevent unintended changes to Records & Reports.

Designed to be Compatible with national and international standards,

Running strong C/C++ programming in the background of each click of a Button.

Server based LAN/WIFI networking has been enabled using JAVA Programming.

Instant Data Storage/Save Facility has been enabled, as you enter the Data it is instantly saved, Data entered is
safer even if light continues to fluctuate frequently.

Free of cost Hands on training and Helpline services 24/7.

Your opinions and corrections will be warm welcomed and induced if found useful.

Completely secure environment, NO virus can attack this software databases.

For full information about the DATABASE system and Dealings Contact@ Mobile: 92-334-8488800 (24/7 service), Thanks.