About Us

About us:

We want to provide quality Desktop based, user Friendly, HD Graphics, Database Software for Schools and Colleges.

1-CLICK®Database Management System (For Schools & Colleges) Has Been Designed To Fulfill the Needs of Almost ALL schools and colleges , national and international.

Types of Academic Systems, We have adopted the most general Educational Data Formats.

Main Features of 1-CLICK®Database Software:

Artificial intelligence has been induced, random and useless key presses and Error detectors have been enabled.

2.   Compatible with national and international standards,

3.   Each user in the Database has its own account, password and privileges,

4.   Server based LAN/WIFI networking has been enabled in order to facilitate the Heads of the institute and the employees, Hopefully which will prove very analytic and progressive for All schools and colleges,

5.   Instant Data Storage/Save Facility has been enabled, as you enter the Data it is instantly saved, Data entered is safer even if light continues to fluctuate frequently.

6.   It will be difficult to numerate the facilities and functions of  1-CLICK®Database Software.

7.   Free of cost Hands on training and Help services 24/7.

8.   Your opinions and advices will be warm welcomed and induced if found useful.

9.   We provide the Database software facility according to your needs. There are two possibilities when you want to entertain our Software in your School/College i.e.

a.   Inside the campus server networking facility when you buy in lump sum amount, (Price List Link)  and

b.   Our  OneClick14 Advanced, Secure and Fast ,remote server access facility on monthly basis (Price List Link)

c.  Any special cases of many campuses systems or many workers systems can be discussed and payment could be decided.

Schools / Colleges with special needs can contact us  (Link to Contact Form)